Maria W.

A little over two years ago, I went to the doctor with a very bad case of the flu. When I stepped on the scale and saw the number, I looked at the nurse and said “You might as well take me out back and shoot me.” I was mortified that I had let my weight get so out of control. I went home and cried. After much soul searching, I realized that if I did not get my life under control, I was not going to have a life. I went back to the doctor, had a complete physical and asked them if they could recommend a personal trainer. They sent me to Aspen Fitness.

I was scared when I walked through the club door, but the staff could not have been nicer. They made me feel very comfortable and eased my fears over starting to work out when I was so out of shape. Earl Crosswhite is my trainer and to say he is wonderful is an understatement! Earl has a special talent with people. He understands exactly what your needs are and pushes you to give your best both in the gym and at home. There have been ups and downs along the way, but Earl has been supportive every step of the way, getting me through the rough patches and pushing me to excel in ways I never thought possible. I train with Earl 5 days a week. I am in the best shape of my life and getting better every day!

I weighed 314 pounds when I started. I have lost 117 pounds so far. I now weigh 197 and have only 27 pounds left until I reach my goal. Thank you Earl! I could not do this without you.

Best Advice:

Let a trainer help you reach your goals!

Goals Reached:

Lost over 100 lbs, and improved overall health.

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