Kelly Lefevre

A former high school and college athlete, Kelly began struggling with her weight after ending her college volleyball career in 1990. Over the next 20 plus years and two children later, Kelly’s weight slowly crept higher and higher until she didn’t recognize herself in the mirror anymore.

In 2011, Kelly made a decision and a commitment to herself and her family to get fit and rededicated herself to exercise and healthy eating. Over the next sixteen months, Kelly consistently worked with her personal trainer, Earl Crosswhite, Jr., and discovered firsthand what a difference a knowledgeable, passionate and caring trainer can make in a client’s success.

With Earl’s guidance, Kelly has lost over 100 pounds and 36 inches. She has transformed from someone who struggled just to tie her shoes into an athlete who has completed two sprint-distance triathlons!

“Hiring Earl was the best decision I ever made. I wouldn’t have achieved these results without his expertise, his support and motivation and the accountability he provides.”

~ Kelly LeFevre

Best Advice:

The key is cleaning up your diet and consistent exercise. It really is that simple. It’s not easy but it’s so worth it!

Goals Reached:

Lost over 100 lbs, and improved muscle tone considerably.

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