James Hart
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Certified Personal Trainer – American Sports and Fitness Association
CPR/First Aid


  • Strength and conditioning
  • Group training
  • Student athletes
  • Boot camp


I have between involved in fitness and athletics my whole life. I strive to be the best in the gym and want to apply my experience and knowledge to help others better their lives through fitness.
I believe everyone of all ages can achieve their goals if they are dedicated and guided in the right direction. Fitness has always been a passion of mine and I believe it’s a life changer and a must for all ages. I chose this career to help others learn and feel better about themselves. I want to share my passion with as many people as possible. I believe everyday is a new day and it’s never too late to achieve your goals!

This trainer is accepting new clients


Certified Personal Trainer – National Academy of Sports Medicine
CPR/First Aid


  • Women’s strength and fitness
  • Youth athletics and conditioning
  • Weight loss


I have always been involved in sports and working out either as an athlete or coach. I was a teacher for 18 years and a part-time group fitness instructor (women’s strength training, step aerobics, Zumba, Piloxing and cycling). I also spent many hours in the gym lifting weights on my own. When I found out that Kelly and Earl were opening their own gym I knew it was time for me to take my passion for fitness to the next level and proceeded to get my Personal Training Certification. I left my teaching position to become a trainer at the gym and have never looked back. I am still “teaching” but my classroom is the gym!!

This trainer is accepting new clients


Certified Personal Trainer – International Sports Sciences Association
CPR/First Aid


  • Strength & Conditioning
  • General Fitness
  • Small Group Training


I graduated from C-TEC in the Physical Therapy and Exercise Science program. I have always had a passion for fitness and nutrition. Applying what I’ve learned has helped me to change my body and I love helping my clients learn how to live a healthier lifestyle. I can help you reach any goal you are striving to reach and then some!

This trainer is accepting new clients


Certified Personal Trainer – National Academy of Sports Medicine
CPR/First Aid


  • Weight loss
  • Strength and conditioning


My passion for fitness really began with my own personal weight loss journey. In 2013, I made a commitment to myself to lose some weight. I hired a trainer and went on to lose 75 pounds. I truly believe that the key to my success was having a personal trainer to teach me how to exercise properly and to hold me accountable.

My journey is what led me to want to help others reach their fitness goals too. I genuinely want to see you succeed in becoming a stronger, leaner and healthier version of you!

current class schedule

september, 2019

02sepCycling (Amy)Amy - 7:30AM

02sepMat Pilates (Paula)Paula - 8:15AM

02sepSenior Fit (Kristin)Kristin - 9:30AM

02sepAb Blast (James)James - 12:00PM

02sepInferno 30 (Kristin)Kristin - 5:45PM

03sepStep Fitness (Kristin)Kristin - 12:00PM

03sepYoga (Kelli)Kelli - 6:15PM

04sepCycling (AmyAmy - 5:45AM

04sepMat Pilates (Paula)Paula - 8:15AM

04sepSenior Fit (Kristin)Kristin - 9:30AM

04sepCalorie Burn (James)

04sepTotal Body Fitness (Tara)Tara - 5:30PM

05sepTotal Body Fitness (James)James - 12:00PM

05sepYoga (Kelli)Kelli - 6:15PM

06sepCycling (AmyAmy - 5:45AM

06sepSenior Fit (Kristin)Kristin - 9:30AM

07sepTone & Sculpt (Jen)Jen - 8:00AM

07sepTotal Body Fitness (Tara)Tara - 9:00AM

09sepCycling (Amy)Amy - 7:30AM

09sepMat Pilates (Paula)Paula - 8:15AM

09sepSenior Fit (Kristin)Kristin - 9:30AM

09sepAb Blast (James)James - 12:00PM

09sepInferno 30 (Kristin)Kristin - 5:45PM

10sepStep Fitness (Kristin)Kristin - 12:00PM

10sepYoga (Kelli)Kelli - 6:15PM

11sepCycling (AmyAmy - 5:45AM

11sepMat Pilates (Paula)Paula - 8:15AM

11sepSenior Fit (Kristin)Kristin - 9:30AM

11sepCalorie Burn (James)

11sepTotal Body Fitness (Tara)Tara - 5:30PM

12sepTotal Body Fitness (James)James - 12:00PM

12sepYoga (Kelli)Kelli - 6:15PM

13sepCycling (AmyAmy - 5:45AM

13sepSenior Fit (Kristin)Kristin - 9:30AM

14sepTone & Sculpt (Jen)Jen - 8:00AM

14sepTotal Body Fitness (Tara)Tara - 9:00AM

16sepCycling (Amy)Amy - 7:30AM

16sepMat Pilates (Paula)Paula - 8:15AM

16sepSenior Fit (Kristin)Kristin - 9:30AM

16sepAb Blast (James)James - 12:00PM

16sepInferno 30 (Kristin)Kristin - 5:45PM

17sepStep Fitness (Kristin)Kristin - 12:00PM

17sepYoga (Kelli)Kelli - 6:15PM

18sepCycling (AmyAmy - 5:45AM

18sepMat Pilates (Paula)Paula - 8:15AM

18sepSenior Fit (Kristin)Kristin - 9:30AM

18sepCalorie Burn (James)

18sepTotal Body Fitness (Tara)Tara - 5:30PM

19sepTotal Body Fitness (James)James - 12:00PM

19sepYoga (Kelli)Kelli - 6:15PM

20sepCycling (AmyAmy - 5:45AM

20sepSenior Fit (Kristin)Kristin - 9:30AM

21sepTone & Sculpt (Jen)Jen - 8:00AM

21sepTotal Body Fitness (Tara)Tara - 9:00AM

23sepCycling (Amy)Amy - 7:30AM

23sepMat Pilates (Paula)Paula - 8:15AM

23sepSenior Fit (Kristin)Kristin - 9:30AM

23sepAb Blast (James)James - 12:00PM

23sepInferno 30 (Kristin)Kristin - 5:45PM

24sepStep Fitness (Kristin)Kristin - 12:00PM

24sepYoga (Kelli)Kelli - 6:15PM

25sepCycling (AmyAmy - 5:45AM

25sepMat Pilates (Paula)Paula - 8:15AM

25sepSenior Fit (Kristin)Kristin - 9:30AM

25sepCalorie Burn (James)

25sepTotal Body Fitness (Tara)Tara - 5:30PM

26sepTotal Body Fitness (James)James - 12:00PM

26sepYoga (Kelli)Kelli - 6:15PM

27sepCycling (AmyAmy - 5:45AM

27sepSenior Fit (Kristin)Kristin - 9:30AM

28sepTone & Sculpt (Jen)Jen - 8:00AM

28sepTotal Body Fitness (Tara)Tara - 9:00AM

30sepCycling (Amy)Amy - 7:30AM

30sepMat Pilates (Paula)Paula - 8:15AM

30sepSenior Fit (Kristin)Kristin - 9:30AM

30sepAb Blast (James)James - 12:00PM

30sepInferno 30 (Kristin)Kristin - 5:45PM